Looking for more speed on over size tires

New here !
I have a 2005 Gem E4. Just bought. Put new shocks, tires(Dura Scorchers 22x11x12) & rims.
Raise back fender. Everything fits great. Ordered the R4F motor. No reprogramming controller per R4F for a 2005. Supposed to be able to get 35 plus. The shop that did everything said programming controller is a must, based on tire size. Motor a lone won’t get the speed. Is this true ? I like the look. But want the speed. There’s a lot of Gems with left kits and big tires.

Please advice. Thanks

The cart will go faster, but the 2005 has a T3 controller that can’t have the top speed governor reprogrammed. You need a “magic magnet” aka MM to get past the controller limit. It plugs in between the motor RPM sender and the controller, installs in 60 seconds. and divides the signal up from the sender so that your controller thinks the cart is going slower than it is and you don’t hit the limiter.

Bigger tires help a little, different gear ratio helps a bit, more voltage helps A LOT.

Get in touch with Dave @Inwo , the guy who created the MM, to purchase one. You’ll see a slight difference. IIRC I saw a few MPH gain on stock voltage (2002 longback) and stock 21" tires. Bigger tires might get you a few more MPH. I went to 84-86 volts and can hit 41 on stock tires w/ 10.35 gears (not sure what the '05 has, I think it’s 12-something).

If you are serious about changing the motor for more speed. @MikeKC
Will soon have reviews of a 35peak hp a.c. motor conversion kit.
I have all the bits and pieces for a plug-in kit, but still early beta.
2016+ and classic Gems.
My 2018 runs 35mph uphill with stock gears and tires.

It depends if your R 4 f motor came with a 2 pole magnet or 4 pole . (The stock motor is 4 pole ). With that your not going to get much more top speed without a reprogram . 22" tires are not that tall ( mine are 24.5"
) so it wont gain much . With the new motor in run it . If speedo is accurate you have a 4 pole and it should surge around 25 mph , like stock . You will need a MM or a program adjustment .

If it reads 1/2 speed , it is a 2 pole magnet . Gem will not be speed restricted and you should see over 30 . 2005 reprogramming or mm wont get you any more speed .

Thank you to all that responded. I put the R4F motor in my GEM. Works great. 31-33 mph.
Battery is draining fast. It did this with stock motor. 2 bars drop off in less than 7 miles. The guy, I bought GEM from put batteries in he claims before I bought it.

There date stamp is J9 which converts to Nov 2019.
There lead acid. I can’t find much info on them. They tell me ( shop that put the shocks & wheels on) they never heard of them.
Battery label says
Eaton VRLA PWHR12390W4FR
Float voltage 13.5-13.8
390 watts per cell.

I talked to R4F today about speed. Said no problem to get 37-40 with tires I have on. It’s the batteries. That the Delta Q charger algorithm needs to be program for lead acid batteries.

Called DeltaQ and got the directions to change the codes for Algorithms:
#13 Trojan – 30xhs/SCS225 Normal
#14 Deka – 12 Volt GEL 8G31 Normal (default)
#15 Deka – 12 Volt GEL Pack Recovery
#24 Deka – 8 Volt GEL 8G8VGC Normal
#25 Deka – 8 Volt GEL PRC
#32 Deka – 12 Volt Flooded EV31 Normal

Which one do I use ? Also it would only cycle thru
#13,#14 & #15
I set it on #13

What is (PRC) and if and how to do it. Should it be on #32 ?

Sorry for how long my question is.

Please help. Don’t want to buy new batteries

Big T - that’s correct with the motor kit there’s no programming (T3 controller as mentioned earlier) - you’ll have an accurate speedo, and with a healthy battery pack, you should be in the 35+ Mph range with taller tires.

Those appear to be 100Ah sealed lead acid UPS batteries.


Probably a little on the small side for a GEM.