GE T4 Controller settings D&D motor 170-501-0002D

I have a D&D motor do these setting look right?

F.No. Function Description Counts Value Units
1 MPH Scaling/Not Used 0 0 Cnts
.2 Creep Speed 0 0 Cnts
3 Controlled Acceleration 15 15 Cnts
4 Max Armature Current Limit 218 218 Cnts
5 Plugging Current Limit 128 128 Cnts
6 Armature Deceleration Rate 50 50 Cnts
7 Minimum Field Current 70 70 Cnts
8 Maximum Field Current 255 255 Cnts
9 Regen Armature Current 218 218 Cnts
10 Regen Maximum Field Curre 255 255 Cnts
11 Turf Speed Limit 102 102 Cnts
12 Reverse Speed Limit 153 153 Cnts
14 IR Compensation/Not Used 0 0 Cnts
15 Battery Volts 72 72 Cnts
17 Pedal Down Field Rate Gain 5 5 Cnts
19 Pedal Down Regen Decel Rate 255 255 Cnts
20 Pedal Up Regen Decel Rate 255 255 Cnts
21 MPH Overspeed/Top Speed Regula 245 245 Cnts
23 Error Compensation 10 10 Cnts
24 Field Weakening Start 65 65 Cnts
25 Monitor 0 0 Cnts
26 Ratio of Field to Armature 87 87 Cnts
13 Rolling Radius in Inches 115 115 Cnts
16 Gear Ratio in Tenths 124 124 Cnts
18 Pedal Down Field Rate Offset 255 255 Cnts

WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THE CHANGES IN YOUR CONTROLLER? Top speed, charging characteristics etc. It would be nice to have explanations of what each setting does. Is there a pamphlet for that? what increase in performance did D&D give you. Is the GE T4 controller the stock one.

There is a booklet with the software. I do not know the best settings for the Motor. In my case I am not after speed but distance and less stress on the motor. I wanted to see the settings as I bought the GEM a few weeks ago and knew that the battery was not setup correctly and wanted to see what else was not.

Not sure what your settings will do but it would be awesome if we “as a community” could come up with a set of numbers that would give users the best results.

Example: Performance Tune and a High Milage time


Booklet name. Is it a programming book to change perameters?

I ordered the software , it came with cable and software on cd The manual for the controller is on the cd and gives a generic description for each parameter. Took me a while to figure out the cable and the jumper.

Thanks. I ordered that program several years ago but never got into it. Reviewed it this week and found a lot of information. Mine is for a T2 controller. Does anyone have a recommendation for increase of speed. Looks like elimination of max speed parameters. Regards
Chili Willy

I noticed my battery charge indicator did not seem to work correctly. I changed #15 to 76 volts as a fully charged battery wet battery is 12.6 volts. I now indicates on the dash that the battery is discharging.