Master spreadsheet with T1, T2, T3, & T4 settings

I’ve always envisioned how nice it would be if there was a big ole spreadsheet with tabs for each controller type showing the settings and what they do in layman’s speak.
With everybody doing so many different things such as bigger or smaller wheels, standard and high voltage and other modifications I know this would be hard to make universal.

I’m thinking we do a Version1 with just the stock values for all the controllers and then a few tabs with R4F settings or known vanilla values that are better than stock.

Then once we start getting some data in there we can add pivot tables and entry fields so a person could (in theory) put in their information into a few fields and it would spit out a suggestion.


Here is a very basic early version. Feel free to contribute. We can certainly lock it up, but for now I have it open for anybody with the link to edit just to get the party started.


Right on. Was just thinking about this earlier today actually while I was transcribing some settings from my controller over to a spreadsheet.

I’ve found it totally impossible to do a search on the forum and get anything definitive. All the data is so fractured over time and posts it’s hard to cohesively put anything together.

Funny. Had similar thoughts this morning also when I was looking for some settings.

Thanks so much, I have been trying to get my Cart to Regain or Plug and by looking at this it gives me ideas. I have a T1 and I know the T2 settings are similar. I will put my custom codes on here as well here soon

This is exactly what I was looking for

Thank you

Finally remembered to add a sheet for how my spare controller came back from R4F. Looks like all they did was lower #7 (min field current) and increase #20 (overspeed).

I found this to be too jerky on the acceleration and too much lag when accelerating from a dead stop. Tinkering with smoothing that out and maybe make the motor a bit happier when it’s running at 1k rpm above rated top speed.

I added the stock settings from my 2015 E2 (T5 Controller) to the sheet.

I also added a tab for RPM / MPH calculator based on Tire size and Gear Ratio.

Here is the math for how the calculator works in case anyone is interested, or I’ve made a mistake:


Also, based on the derived formula above, I’ve come up with another tab (calculator) that will calculate the controller settings (#13-Rolling Radius & #16-Gear Ratio) for displaying 0-40mph in KPH mode.

No magic there, basically we need the Rr/Gr ratio to be divided by the MPH to KPH conversion factor (1.60934). Once I’ve had a chance to validate my belief, I will add the calculator to the spreadsheet. I’ve read from others that a wrench will come up if #13 is too small or #16 is too big. I’m wondering if that is specific to a certain controller and software revision.

TL;DR; - dividing your legitimate Func#13 value by 1.60934, or multiplying your legit Func#16 value by 1.60934 should be mathematically correct to solve, but I don’t know if those values are out of range for the software until I get a chance to tinker with my GEM.

#13 & #16 are related . There are limits you can set #13 to depending on what #16 is . If you get out of the range it will throw a 14 code . ( I have only tested T4 & T5’s ) With a 12.44 differential and stock wheels you can’t get RR low enough for mph to be accurate in the kph setting .

On a T5 with stock wheels you can get close or a T4 with the higher speed 10.35 Diff.