GEM T1 Controller Function settings

Anyone have the oem function settings for a gem t1 controller ? I have no speedometer and motor is getting hot .

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Yes, but why do you think they are wrong?
Is this something new?
If Rodney doesn’t beat me to it, I will find them tomorrow.

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Its an old controller that I was experimenting on and not sure what I changed on it. I now have it in a 4x4 GEM project that has two motors , the last 4x4 I made used two controllers and worked perfect this time I am running one controller and two 3.5hp motors .

I found these in my pictures. Not sure what they are for yet.

Yes thats what I need, just 27-30 are not shown .
Thank You

These are fro my 2000 blue gem from IMS. So they are not totally stock.
If you have sw to load them I could email you the file.

That is what I needed, I can now compare them with what I have programed now .
Thank You

Can someone please help me with reprogramming my T1 controller. I have a 2002 E825 - 4 seater and just installed a motor from R4F. I’m supposed to send back my controller but don’t really want to wait 2 weeks to get it back. I have the programmer and software but I don’t know what the settings should be. I have 17in wheels on my Gem and will ride mostly on flat roads. I appreciate the help. Thanks everyone!

Take a look at @diymatt 's spreadsheet here:

All R4F did on my controller was lower the field current and increase the overspeed settings.

Aren’t 2002’s T2 controllers? Mine is. IIRC, the T1 was only through '01

crazy thing that my 2002 document goes like this for the controller and I see T1 in there:
Controller - GE 72V 350A

Mid-year change from T1 to T2 maybe?
My '02 is a December build.

Our e825 has a build date of 9/14/2001 but on its T1 controller is a blue QC sticker marked 5-2002.


As mentioned elsewhere on this forum, GEM was chasing tax incentives and built a lot of frames in 2001 to grab the government handout that were then sold in later years apparently.

Consistency wasn’t much of a thing for them I guess…
("…and this one is getting gum…")

Thank you jrjava for those settings…I appreciate the help. I’ll try and mess with a few settings and different things that I got from this forum. I’ll follow up and give you guys an update. Have a great day everyone! Be safe out there with your GEMS!!!

Were you able to set up regen, if so what settings? Thanks

I never could find a combo of settings that worked for regen on a T2.