Motor Controller Setup

Can anyone give me the OEM values to program in a T2 controller with 10.35 gears 5hp motor and standard 12" wheels and tires. 2002 825 4 seater

I will be using a GE LX Hand Held Programmer

id like this too…but for a 2 seater

I started collecting settings from controllers put into my 2002 e4 and from a 2002 e4 Ernie setup for someone. I didn’t list the tire sizes so speedo could be off since all of these are aftermarket wheels and tires.

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Way cool info! Is there a legend anywhere for what the terms mean, as well as setting parameters, etc?

The manual of course :wink:

T2 - GE H7R353T2

Maybe you can read it as a bedtime story to someone too…