Ford think top speed

I am wondering what would be the top speed from a stock Ford Think, if I were to adjust the parameters in the controller and not cause any hard to motor. I have 160ahr Li-ion batteries installed and it performs great! Just 25mph is not cutting it…

search these forums for Marlon on this forum. He can do wonders with these cars I understand.

Can be programmed to hit 35MPH.

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D2 controllers are easy to program. Do you have the 4 or 6 hp motor?

Sorry for the newb questions. Howcan I tell if my controller is a D2 and my motor HP? Thank You.

Look at the tag on the motor and the last 2 characters on the controller tag. Most Thinks have D2s

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how can I get mine to do 35 mph?

You need to program your controller. Either buy or rent a programmer. Or send your controller to someone for programming. I have the kit that forklift electronics sells that I will sell for $70 shipped. I could never get it to work on a regular basis. Sometimes it works and sometimes it wouldn’t. May be my laptop. I ended up just buying the proper programmer from FSIP as I have no patience.

What is your budget. It would be interesting to see how an 8kw motor would work in a Think.

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Thanks for the response.How much is a 8kw motor? Where do you get one?

I put a new motor and controller and it hits 35 but with no wheel balance is very shaky at that speed.

Which programmer did you go with from FSIP for the Ford Think?

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what 2 codes need to be changed and what values for 35mph setting?

#20 to above 35. I have mine set to 42.
Lower #7 if you want a little more pick up but don’t lower too much as it makes your motor run hotter. Some people have said they go as low as 56 but I wouldn’t advise it. I prefer the stock setting as the take off at the stock setting is perfect for me but I’m running 96 volts which make a world of difference.

Originally, I set my #20 overspeed to 35, but it never went over 30mph. I was told 2 settings, #20 and #7, needed to be changed to rev the speed to 35. #7 adjusts the field weakening level, to set the top speed of the motor. The default 70, and I was told to never set any lower than 68, or risk burning up motor. So, I left it stock.
#8 adjusts the maximum field current, to obtain maximum torque of the motor. I was told by C-Bob to never change that setting from stock 251. I have plenty of torque.
I just changed #20 to 42, to see if it makes a difference.