Increasing top speed to 35 to 40 mph?

What is the easiest way to increase the top speed on the Ford Think platform (to say 35 - 40 mph)? I am currently running 13" diameter wheels and 22" diameter tires. Thanks

Curious… does Dave’s magic magnet work on a think? I know they had basically the same GE T2 controller as the 02-04 gems with only slight patameter differences i believe. I can’t recall their motor specs though. 6hp GE?

Nothing out there is simpler, faster or better bang for the buck than an MM speed upgrade. Install is all of 1 minute. No tools required.

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Sorry I am not familiar with Dave’s magic magnet. How does it work (spin the motor faster obviously)? I would think changing the gear ratio would be better (albeit hurt acceleration).

The Think originally came with a 4 hp motor. A lot were upgraded to a 6 hp and D2 controller under warranty. The 4 hp motors were gray and the 6 hp black. Also the D2 controller is a lot bigger than the original D1 controller.

I know Inwo was working on a plug and play version of the magic magnet for the Think but I’m not sure if it’s finished. If not you can hard wire it.

The magic magnet just fools the controller so the speed is not limited by the controller. If you have the 6 hp motor and D2 controller you should get around 34 mph out of it depending on your tire size using the magic magnet. Taller tires equals more speed.

I haven’t heard of anyone changing the gear ratio on a Think. TheTurboDad said he contacted the manufacturer of the differential and they said they don’t make a different gear set for the Think

I have the 6hp motor, so I’d be very interested in the MM upgrade…

As far as tire - I am currently running a 22" diameter tire on a 13" rim.

35 mph is fast enough (for now :laughing: )

Yes I would think you should get around 34 mph with the magic magnet but I have no experience with them. I’m sure Inwo will have a better idea of what to expect when he chimes in. I know reprogramming the controller usually gets around 34 mph with a stock Think.

Thanks David! You’re always super helpful!

Thanks for the info on the motor and other subtile differences between tje Gem and Think, David.

Yeah, programming the controller is the best way imo, but it needs a little bit of equipment and a bit of tech savvy. Nothing outrageous by any means though.

Hey, @cij , do you have a notebook computer and are you comfortable doing something tech that while not difficult at all, it does require following directions exactly as written and resisting the urge to knobulate, because you’re doing something that could brick your controller if you bork it?

If you’re ok with that, I’m not using my T2/D2 programming cable much right now since my 02 has a broken foot.

Cover shipping and a refundable deposit for the replacement cost on the cable and I can loan it to you along woth the software and controller file for a week or two. Speeding up a T2/D2 only needs changing of 2 parameters.

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@JarJarJava - What two parameters get changed?
One of them is probably raising the speed limit number, and the other giving it a little more goose at the top end?

@cij - How are your brakes on that Think? Along with added speed comes the responsibility and need to suddenly slow down.

On the T2/D2 controllers the top speed is governed by #20 MPH OVERSPEED, just plug in at what MPH you want the governor to kick in. On 02-04 GEMs the stock setting is usually 28. For a bit more zip and acceleration, lower the value of #7 MINIMUM FIELD CURRENT a bit. On the 02-04 GEM truck models the stock setting is 85. Other models might be different. You don’t need to lower it much. Reducing it down to 75 will make a very noticeable difference.

@AssyRequired - my brakes are OK…I would not say drums brakes are confidence inspiring, but they would be fine for 35 mph. I’d be open to a nice disc setup if you have recommendations (I wonder if another Ford setup would work).

@JarJarJava - I am comfortable programming but already sent $ to @Inwo for the Magic Magnet. Thanks for your help and offer. Do you think I should do both mods (I can’t see why programming would be necessary, but maybe I could expand the top speed even more)? I am not sure how hard the motors can be spun vs stock, so the only way to safely increase top speed (while keeping the motor speed the same) would be to change the effective gear ratio and I believe the easiest and cheapest way would be to run a larger diameter tire. The problem with large tires is they weigh more (bad for acceleration and braking) and the taller ratio will decrease acceleration as well.

MM is returnable.
Lowering F current will let motor spin faster, but can be risky.
High voltage may get you where you want to be.

Oh cool, Dave put one together for the Think.

The MM is the easiest and fastest install to increase your top end. It works by interrupting the tachometer pulses, dividing them and then sending them on to the controller, so the controller thinks you are going slower than you actually are. The downside is that your speedometer is no longer accurate. If you use DIP switches 1 + 3 on, and you set your speedometer to display in kph, you will get a reasonably accurate display of your speed in SI. The catch is, you can’t change a T2/D2 over to kilometers without a programmer.

The programmer would allow you to adjust any of the controller’s parameters, including the top speed setting. You can also do some limited performance tuning with the controller. If you raise the top speed with a programmer, there is no need for the MM anymore.

As for how fast you can spin the 6hp Think motor above rated max RPM, I really have no idea.

You can reprogram a D2 to what ever clangs your chime, You don’t need magic magnet. 84 volts wakes up a RFF motor. You get the Spoof from Dave Bissen (INWO)

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@JarJarJava i just bought a think and would like to reprogram. I have the gen 2 motor, controller. I’d probably go ahead and buy the programming cable to have handy for the future. Would you consider providing a detailed tutorial on how to do this? What software and cable do I need? What steps to go through?

So any feed back on adding the Magic Magnet, I’m interested. Also where do you purchase them from . Thanks

$135 PayPal.Me