84 volt instalation in pictures

84 volt install in my 2000 e825 4 seater.

What say you?

I thought you were running a Lipo as a 7th. Interesting. When Nick was there did he get a look at it?

So basically you are just adding 12v to the charging system for a total of 84?

Yes and the “Spoof” to fool the controller

No, that’s me.

The LiFePo4 pack is right before the contractor, the regular charger and controller doesn’t see it, so no spoof needed.


If the Lipo is in line after the controller and doesn’t change polarity in reverse don’t you have problems in reverse?

It’s in line after the contactor, before the controller. My previous post could have been more clear. The harness, I forget which pin (where the spoof would be installed), doesn’t see it, was what I meant.