Lifepo 4 Charger Over Voltage

Over Voltage Problem - I built a new Lifepo4 battery pack for my 2015 Gem Car. Using 24, 3.2v, 150Ah cells in series for 72 volts. This is fine but when I started looking for a 72-volt charger for the system I found the following for the charger 72v Lifopo4 - 24s - 87.6volts at 12amps. Is there a way around the 84 volt limit on the GEM car and is that safe. Any other suggestions?

After thinking about this some more I believe that a couple of years ago I bought something from Inwo that inserted in the harness, I believe pin 1, that allowed the GEM to get more than 84 volts and run safely. ???

Yes, this is called a spoof, they can be built for whatever your needs maybe. IE if you are running 100v then you would need at least a 15v spoof. 86v is the max voltage for a T-5 controller I believe.
In your case you would need a 3v - 5v spoof to get you under 86v.