Over/under voltage spoof

I’m looking for an Over/under voltage spoof. Are you selling those?

Yes, they work by changing the voltage controller sees. Normally raising bottom and top the same amount.
For 24s lipo +15v.
Gem will start at 99v and fail to start under 83v.
What are you looking to do?

I am trying to do the Chevy volt battery replacement in my 2003 2 seater GEM Car. I believe I can’t use my charger so I need to get a delta q with a 177 programmed into it, the volt batteries, your over under trickery, and a bms to baby sit the batteries. What do you think. It seems do able.




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Yes, they work by changing the voltage controller sees. Normally raising bottom and top the same amount.

For 24s lipo +15v.

Gem will start at 99v and fail to start under 83v.

What are you looking to do?


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Yes, many have converted to 88v Volt batteries. 2 x 12s modules.
Some report they can’t run over 95 volts even with the spoof in T2 Gems.
You can always tap them back one cell.

How much do they cost and how do I get one?

$25 with a note to barbjb@acegroup.cc

Any other suggestions for changing over to Chevy volt batteries.

I suggest 4 x 12s 44v modules for 100ah 88volts.
I can wire a harness from bms to the 4 modules.
The Chargery bms-24t is the easiest to use.
Bms $350
Harness wired and tested $100
New dq charger $350
Spoof and charger interface to bms $50
Should be all you need. This is the setup that @grantwest uses in his gems.

All that looks good. I found new dq chargers on ebay for 250 but they don’t have the #177 profile. I am interested in buying everything but the charger. I’m still trying to figure that one out. Do you think the BMS is required? Someone mentioned that these batteries didn’t really need them because of how great they are and that we are undercharging them so they wouldn’t be required. I play with rc cars and that is a big thing to balance all the time. Thanks for the info and should be sending some money your way soon. Is there an easy way to find @grantwest build or swap to see how he did it. I have seen a lot of pictures of other swaps just not the Volt. Well, not a lot of the Volt.
Thanks again.

Here’s a Spark thread with Chargery.

Thanks for the shortcut. Does you DQ come with the 177 profile?

Sorry. I read your answer to that on another post. What is the shipping cost on all of that to UT 84790. That is for the charger, bms, harness, spoof and charger interface.
Man it all adds up so fast.

I will ship it for free if you get it all at one time.
I need to know the exact battery configuration. Number in series and parallel.
Newer than 2015 are wired different.

I can recommend getting as much stuff as you can from Dave for a few reasons.
#1 everything I have got from Dave Works.
#2 everything Dave sells he uses and Supports.
#3 getting a Pre wired harness will save you the risk of acidenty hooking somthing wrong and blowing up a $300 charger or $300 BMS.

In my opinion Balance is only 1 of the Many reasons a BMS is key. Over charge protection keeps me sleeping safe at night.

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The check is in the mail.
I’ll be there tomorrow.
I’ll post step by step on the forum.

:smile:That is what I was thinking. I purchased a complete battery for a chevy volt. I only drive around my backyard and pick up my daughter from school that is a mile away. I can’t really get out I’m locked in with 40mph signs. Do you think I would need 4 x 12s or do you think 2 x 12s would be enough? What do you think the usable range would be on 2 x 12s?

You can get by with 2. 12-18 mile range est.
But if you have enough, why not do two or three.
The standard harness is for 3 sets. It works but kind of messy for a single set.
I will make a special single set harness if you want.

Looks like you sold me on the double. 4 x12s.

Sac City Auto Parts is telling me that it is a 2015 Chevy Volt that they are sending me. What is the difference from the 2015 to the earlier one?

I believe I have the original 12 volt converter. Do you know if anyone has been able to get the recall done in 2018? Do you know of a good one to replace it with? I want to put a decent stereo in it and I don’t think the stock one would hold up. I was thinking of adding a 12 volt blue top battery to run the 12 volt system.
Any sugestions?

I have dci chargers for + $50.
Need to look at how it connects. I have not used one myself.
The 2015 is the same as earlier. 2016 is wired different as three of the modules are 16s.