Quick Question: New FLAs Help With Zivan Settings (2002 E825)

Just got new Napa 8231s under warranty and was poking around under the dash, looking at the charger. Currently the charger is set at setting “B” 3.5A, however I think i have read that it should be set at “F” 4.5A. Any help?

Thank you.

I think @Old_Houseboater actually answered my question in this thread:

The description says Flooded. If they are 105 hour batterys use the E setting. Would suggest you go to the 31 size if you haven’t already purchased.
The F setting is for a 150 AH battery.

10-4, thanks. They are 105 AH 31s. I will set the charger to “E”.

As I discovered with mine, not all Zivan NG1s have all the settings. If the sticker on the front doesn’t show that letter / setting / description, it might not be there. I ended up having to buy a new chip for mine to drop the charge rate for the Deka 105Ah batteries because it only had two settings (150Ah & Gel).

It’ll beep an error code if you set the switch to something that doesn’t exist on that charger.

Thanks @JarJarJava. It has the following available settings:

(9) Gel 2A 85.2
(A) Tjn 3A 85.2
(B) Tjn 3.5A 85.2
© Gel 1.35A 83.7
(D) AGM 2.1A 86.4
(E) Tjn 2.6A 85.3
(F) Tjn 4.5A 85.3

The settings sticker on the charger has a dot next to (B), so that’s what I have it set to. Drop it to (E) 2.6 like @Old_Houseboater then. I couldn’t yesterday as I had a flight to catch…Now I guess I have to walk my GF through the process.

Edit: I just had the girl read the voltage. 12.87 at the switch after sitting after a charge last night.

LEAVE IT ALONE If mine had that setting it’s the one I would use. 12.8 after setting for a couple of hours after the charger completes it cycle is GREAT!

I’ll try and keep my grubby fingers off of the dial! Good to hear that 12.8 is good.

Thanks for the input y’all. I’m glad the experienced members of the board are here to help out.

You got a nice one there.

@JarJarJava Nice girlfriend?

You were supposed to say “charger or girlfriend?”. That way I could just be ambiguous and say “yes” :smile:

I’ll just agree on both. Just lucky I guess.

I concur…