Help with Zivan charger!!

Hi guys I just bought a 2002 Gem 825. I swapped the batteries for some flooded lead acid (114 amp hours) now the Zivan charger has the micro updated sticker, with 3 settings labeled. C,D, and F.

C - Gel
F - Trojan 4.5 A

I understand traditionally the correct flooded setting was E, and the F was for the bigger flooded. My sticker doesn’t mention E… is F still acceptable to use? I switched it to E and tried and it still turned on and charged :thinking: does the update just add modes and keep some of the originals?

F is going to hit the batteries pretty hard, but they will be charged fast. :slight_smile:

Keep up on the water levels.

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Thanks! I emailed Zivan they told me to use F, but my question about if I have the ability to use E remains! Haha because my sticker doesn’t mention E!

Sometimes there are unlisted modes on the charger, sometimes not. Did you contact Zivan or Electric Conversions in Sacramento? EC is the importer / distributor. If you contact them with the eeprom program version number, which should be on the label, it might look like Yr67.E2 or something. I just made that version number up, but it’s an upper & lower case alpha-numeric string.

If you give them that number they might be able to tell you what all the modes are for the dial.

Yes the code on the sticker is:

I talked to Electric conversions they said that that update wasn’t theirs and didn’t say much aside from “F” is fine lol

Too funny. Having been to their shop in Sac, that response is even funnier.

What do your mean? Should I not use F? :astonished:

No, I meant the nature of the response. It’s one person there. He’s incredibly knowledgeable. Really cool guy too. Just having been to the shop, talked to him, got to wander around in back while he tweaked my Zivan charger, I can totally picture and see the response you got. LOL.

f is fine, it just saturates the batteries longer. downside is more water evaporation.

I’ve seen “PRC” on some zivans, is that just another name for AGM?
IIRC D is typically the AGM setting

I gotcha, thanks guys. I looked up PRC it looked like lithium batteries?

I also tried E, seemed to work fine, but not 100 percent sure since it’s not listed on the sticker… don’t want it to end up being the wrong setting.