Zivan NG1 F4HEY5 - 021101

Does anyone know what charge profile I have???

IM 12A
U1 85.32v
I1 10A
UM 97.2V

I2 : 2.6A

Zivan NG1 F4HEY5 - 021101

The charge profile will be on a sticker towards the top of the charger.

On this one, the Y5.Br.01 is what program is on the eeprom, the sequence really only means something to Zivan AFAIK…

Under that, the letter “C” and “F” refer to the position of a micro dial on the top of the charger. It’s covered up by a black plastic sticky dot about the size of a nickel.

The C is a gel profile, the F is for the big Trojan FLAs (30XH and 1275’s) at the bottom of that info block, the amps are listed they are obscured in this photo, that “13” is actually 130a

Different releases of the charger have different options. I’ve seen some that have 2 Trojan settings, an AGM setting or any combination thereof.

Also, look if it has a “Micro Upgraded” sticker below the Zivan label. If it doesn’t, you can get in touch with Electric Conversions in Sacramento CA and see about having it upgraded. IIRC, it was a free or required upgrade.

I’ve heard they can be a bit slow on turnaround though.

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You mean they can program the Zivan to be CC/CV???

Thank you!

Is C Gel or F Trojan a profile without pulse Volts and a Pulse Current?

I know they can swap the eeprom out for one with different parameters. I don’t know if adding profiles is as simple as a chip swap or it needs more work. I tried to get them to add profiles to my charger, but all they offered me was a chip with the same profiles, but different parameters.

I believe that some members here have used the stock Zivan to charge @Inwo 's 24S “green cell” lifepo4 lithium packs. IIRC, that was as far as these have gone, I don’t think anyone ever got them to work with other lithium technologies. Might be best to call the distributor, Electric Conversions, and ask them about the profile you are looking for.

The manual and charge curves can be found here: