Trojan T-1275 with Zivan charger

Hi, I’m considering switching to the Trojan T-1275 (150 AH) Deep Cycle Flooded batteries rather than the OEM Trojan 30XHS (130 AH) due to their higher capacity (and expected increased range when used in the GEM). They weigh about 10lbs more each and are 1/2 inch taller than OEM. My Zivan charger has the following settings on top and I’d like to figure out which one to use so that the T-1275 batteries will receive an adequate charge before the charger shuts off.

B Trojan 12: 3.5A
C Gel 12: 1.35A
D AGM 12: 2.1A
E Trojan 12: 2.6A
F Trojan 12: 4.5A

Thanks in advance


Go with setting F. We have tried these slightly larger batteries and the Zivan NG1 does fine. The charge time is slightly longer. Be sure your charger has been “micro upgraded”.


I guess I’m a little late to the party, but, what is “micro upgraded”?

It is a programming update that changes the charge curves. If your Zivan NG1 was updated, there will be a sticker on it that says “Micro Upgraded”. If it doesn’t have one, get in touch with Electric Conversions in Sacramento, CA they are the US distributor for Zivan and will perform the upgrade at, I believe, no cost.

Thanks for the info on Micro Upgrade.

Plus it makes a Zivan restart to keep batteries topped off over extended periods.