Zivan micro update

Can someone tell me exactly what the micro update fixes? I’m still having issues with my charger only saying I’m charged 75% after 3 day of being plugged in. I have 1 month old new Trojan batteries, the old battery pack did the same thing said 75%.specific gravity is around 1.2 after charging.
The light cycles like it should red blinking, red, yellow, green…but still only 75-80 percent.

The only issues that I can find that could possibly fix it is
Ground broke off at plug in on gem
Looks like someone removed temp sensor
Chargers is bad or needs updating

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like you don’t have the charger on the right setting for the type of battery you have installed in the cart.

fixes 2 things I know of . one the charger well restart its self when plugged in , I think its every 3 weeks .

second it raises the charging profile for the Trojan batteries. they were not being charged high enough and were shortening their life span .

send it in to elco and get it upgraded.

Thanks Kinghappy. I’ve been looking for a Reasonable priced updated one. I don’t want to go without a cart for a month in the middle of Summer.

Does anyone know if the absence of the temp sensor negatively affects anything?

BTW.The Charger is set on F and I have Flooded Trojans.


the temp sensor does make a difference . the sensor well tell the charger to adjust charging voltage . don’t know when missing is it well charge higher or lower . I would get one .

you might want to put a voltmeter on a battery while charging and see what its doing.

batteries are so expensive, having your charger working properly is important .

start with hooking up a sensor and see if that helps

elcon is known for taking a loooooong time to get chargers back .

I bought a second one , sent it in , then sold mine when I got the upgeaded one back

Thanks kinghappy. I will definitely order a new one. Before I do, can you confirm that the temp sensor should be back by the rear batteries and connected to 3 wires…a blue, green/yellow and tan wires that look like they are coming out of a cord jacket within the rear wiring harness? I may need some help with a picture or something of how things are assembled if that is indeed the part that is missing on the car.


don’t have my 02 cart anymore ( now 07) so someone else is going to have to get you that info .

keep us posted

The sensor only triggers if the batteries get too hot during charging.

Has anyone ever had their charger been triggered for battery overheat while charging.

My last cart had 105 amp batteries and the charger was set on the 150 amp Trojan setting and only got a bit warm.


on the deltaq it actually adjusts voltage output based on temperature . don’t know about zivan.

but the question is , what does the zivan do with out it hooked up ?

The answer is it charges normally. The temperature probe and the remote charge indicator light are supplied as a package and plug into the top of the charger. Neither is required for normal operation.


Has anyone looked inside?

If there is a socket-ed chip, get me a part number.

2002 E285 2 Seater w/ Zivan charger - I had a problem where my temp sensor was saying the batteries where too hot. This was while the outside temp was in the 50’s and immediately after plugging in to charge. With Rodney’s advice, I disconnected the sensor (which sat between the front batteries). The charger has worked great since. In the process, I lost the dash charging indicator, but it hasn’t been an issue.

You can buy the remote indicator as a stand alone. Last one I bought was $28

Hello, would you happen to know where to buy it? We’re looking for one without the temp probe. Thank you for your help.

Easier to buy the combo from Zivan. You don’t actually have to use both functions

Thank you for your reply, I’ll definitely contact Zivan. Thank you for your help.