2002 Gem Zivan NG1 Charger won’t work in Gel Mode

I have a 2002 GEM E825 with gel batteries and when selecting the “C” setting on the Zivan NG1 charger, which should be correct for gels, I get the flashing RED/YELLOW flash with beep.

If I select E or F then it starts charging fine.
This setting will over charge my batteries, so this isn’t a solution.

Is my charger bad? Why would it charge correctly with E or F but not C?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Anyone have a idea what the issue is? Batteries seem fine.

Gel batteries require a less aggressive setting so they do not overheat and boil off the electrolyte. Flooded require a higher setting to stir the electrolyte and provide a full charge.

Call Zivan and tell them your problem. Make SURE You have the model and serial of your unit. They have complete history of each unit.

A Gel setting wasn’t available when your charger was new.