Charging issue

I have been having issues with my charger. I have a 2002 gem car with gel batteries when i plug in the power cord it flashes red at first then green pauses then flashes red every few seconds. I have charged the batteries separately with a 12 volt charger they all charge up to 13.5 volts. if i plug in again I get a flashing red again some times I run it after charging and then plug it in and it works fine. I think I have an upgraded zivan charger. Is the charger going bad cause if i manually charge each battery I get about 30 miles of driving.

Thank for the help

I need help please? I have a 2002 GEM E825. I put new GEL Batteries in and it runs fine. But when i try to plug in to charge and it says I have an 80% charge already I get an audible buzzer with a red and green alternating flashing light on the dash. I assume that means it is not charging. What should I do? Do I need a new charger?

Is the charger profile set for gel batteries? If the charger is set for different battery technology (e.e. flooded lead acid) and you switched to gel technology you need to set the charging profile to the technology of the batteries being used. If not you can have problems charging and may eventually ruin your batteries.

What type of batteries did you remove? Older models usually had flooded. What brand of charger do you have Schoot Zivan or Delta Q?

Thanks very much! I checked that and pulled the charger and made sure it was on setting C for GEL batteries. I think I may have a faulty charger…mzimmer

It happens.