Failed charger?

I’ve searched the forum, and have found other posts with similar issues, but no definitive answer.

When I plug in my gem, I get a red flashing light and constant been boop beep boop.
This has happened before, but if I shut off the main battery switch for a while then turn it back on it would charge normally and no alarm.
This time that’s not working. Do you think the charger is bad?
It’s a 2002 with the Zivian charger and gel batteries.
I checked the batteries and they are all over 12v

Is it just a red blink or is a mix of a couple different colors?

(unplugged) When you KeyOn, does the dash display light up? And car move when you press pedal?

I checked the batteries and they are all over 12v

When you checked your batteries did you check all 6?

You will need to take the top of the dash off for the following…
Measure the plug at the top of the charger for PackV. (see pic)
What do you get on those two big cables? (There might even be a big + and - at those two points. )

Report back with what you find.

The car works fine, dash lights up, car goes fast. I’m at 65% charge right now. I checked all 6 batteries. When I checked the plug you pictured I get 76v. The flashing light on the dash is only red.

OK- Pull that plug out of the top of the charger. Hit the connector with some
contact spray and skritch it around a bit.

Do the same for that round Din plug on the top. It contains the output for the LED on your dash pod. Being a tri-color, there is a chance that the green leg is dead from a bad contact. Yep- it has happened.

What is your skill set? How far do you want to get into that thing?
I have one more wild card up my sleeve.
One more trick in the bag.
One more round in the pipe.

I know how to fix your gem…

Take it for a long drive on a short pier?

I’ll try cleaning and checking the contacts. My skill set is more mechanical and changing parts, not so much electronics repair.

I like this guy! Hes got the spirit!

Take it out with as many friends as you can bribe, shoot it, light it on fire, then crush it with a buldozer and finally take all the pieces and load yhem up onto a rocket that you fire into a decaying orbit around the sun.
, ©, ®, K, Pat. Pending, approved by union local 3

So I tried cleaning the contacts, had the main switch off of course. Turned on the switch, plugged it in. I can hear the charger click on, but no fan sound the light on the dash is solid yellow for a few minutes, then red flashing light and the constant beeping and no charging. Any ideas?

No fan? That doesn’t sound good.
I’m pretty sure that is supposed to go when plugged in.

Do you think you can figure out how to remove the charger off the panel?

(it will need to be removed for swapping anyway)

I’m guessing this has something to do with it.
The fan wires are melted together and under the copper coil the circuit board has a hole burned through.

Well… There ya go.
I might have one of those Zivan chargers here. Let me check it and make sure it works.

I might even have a DQ charger in the junk pile.
What batteries are in your car?

I have MK gel batteries.

If you have a charger, I’d be interested. I believe you live near by, I can pick it up.