2002 Gem Car

I’m having an charging problem with my new 2002 Gem Car… It has new batteries and i just recently had my local dealer replace the controller. The person I bought it from had upgraded the charging system (so he stated). When I try to charge I get a blinking red light? So I purchased a battery charger and charged them all individually drove it a few miles and plugged it back in and I’m still getting the flashing red lights?
Can I reset the charger?

hi and welcome… what kind of charger do you have?


Be sure the charger is set to the correct charging profile for the type of batteries you have. Also, load test your batteries to be sure they are all in good condition. If you have even one bad battery it will affect the others.
If you have the Zivan charger (which you should) a flashing red light accompanied by an audio beep it indicates the following - Battery disconnected or not in conformity. (Verify the connection and the nominal voltage)

This should be the charger a 2002 Gem came with - http://www.zivanusa.com/pdf/NG1.pdf

Red flash indicates:

battery presence DC voltage out of range close master disconnect, check battery voltage and polarity

Make sure the batteries are connected + to - all the way through the string of six. There should never be a + to a + or a - to a -. Check to make sure the charger is actually connected to the batteries. The easiest way to do this is to unplug the 120 volt cord, turn of the key switch, and read the DC voltage at the charger output terminals. The reading here should equal the voltage of the batteries. Check for loose battery cables and the connection at the charger.


Thank you all… I will give it a try. Dave

Zivan i believe… I just trying to learn how to remove the upper and lower dash.

There are at least 2 bolts to remove just under the windshield under the hood. The dash on mine other than the bolts is velcro’ed on. You have to give it a tug after bolt removal. You can see everything by removing just the dash.

welcome to the world of velcro…


I think I just added a 2001-2004 owners manual pdf if that will help you


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thank you all… this will really help

Just pulled the dash apart … Sorry i don’t know how to attach photos yet. a QuiQ Charger 912-7200-12

Should be this one then… QuiQ | Delta-Q Technologies

Yes that’s it… Thank you, although its blinking red twice and I’ve tried to reset it by unplugging it and that doesn’t help. Maybe I need a new charger?

sadly I think you do… that was what mine was doing… I don’t knoiw if there is a true was to check it… maybe Daniel or some one knows… I just called my dealer friend… said send it


The China charger bites the dust. That was not the original in a 2002. These are marketed as an “upgrade” from the Zivan Italian made charger. Can’t see why. All four of our Zivan units are still working after ten years. Our newer GEM with the Delta Q is now on its third charger. You can always go back to the Zivan NG1 or get a Quick Charge SCO7210.


can’t download,something about non malware, I could hate computers they waste so mutch time.

What is it that you need to download?

I was trying to download a gem manual and gave up after a couple hrs.:confused:

Try this location:


I just bout a 2002 Gem
I have no owners manual for it I put new batteries
When I plug in to charge it goes to a solid red light and when fully charged it turns yellow is this what it is supposed to do?