Charger light on dash

Not sure what’s going on
I bought this 2002 E825 in march with no manual knowing it needed batteries.
Got Batteries for it and off to the races I went.
the first time I plugged it in the light was yellow then went to a blinking red then to a solid red.
the next morning it was yellow but the batteries were at 100% :slight_smile:
the next few times I plugged it in the light went too a solid red right away and next morning it was green again with a 100% charge.
so the other day I plugged it in solid yellow with NO fan running on the charger :frowning:
So I took the dash cover off to get at the charger I unplugged it the round cable that goes into the charger on top re-plugged in in and off it went with a solid red light on the steering wheel.
An hr later it was a slow blinking red light on the steering wheel but the batteries read charged 100% started out at 41%

So my ? is what color is the light suppose to be while charging ?
how long does a charge take ?
where can I download a owners manual and service manual ?

Any and all help would be appreciated Thank You J.T.

The charger in a 2002 should be a Zivan NG1. The manual can be downloaded from there website here:

Zivan NG1 Battery Charger

You should check that the charger is set to the type of batteries you are using. Also, check on the charger for a small label saying “micro upgraded”, this indicated that the software upgrade has been completed. If the charger has a red or yellow light the fan should be running. If not, something is wrong. The charge progression goes from red to yellow to green. At green, the charger is essentially off and does not maintain the battery. This means that you must unplug and restart the charger often if the GEM is not used. Do not rely on the battery charge indicator. Charge times vary widely depending on temperature, battery condition, and how run down they are. Several hours is normal. If the charger will not go to a green light, you may have one or more bad batteries. Accurately measure the voltage of each after a long ride and compare. If one or more consistently drop below the others, they are bad. Always plug in whenever you have the chance.