Zivan NG1 charger no lights

Have a 2002 Gem E285 4 seater
I have never seen the charge status light blink, change colors, or do anything at all. (little led bulb in center of gauge)
When I plug my charger in I hear a few beeps and the fan on charger. My voltmeter shows that the batteries are charging. I do not get any visual status lights.
The charger turns off after a while but I never see the lights do anything.

Should the light do anything?

How long should a standard charge take?


A charge should take several hours, however this depends on a number of factors. The LED itself could be bad. Which is inexpensive if you don’t mind soldering in a new one. The LED and temperature thermistor Y together into the DIN style plug on top the charger. This cord assembly is available from Zivan and GEM. It is quite unusual for LEDs to burn out.


It’s also possible you have a replacement charger that doesn’t support that remote light. My QuickCharge Corp OB7210 charger for example does not but in every other respect works great.

I got my LED light working the connector was not plugged into the charger.
my charger is the original zivan ng1
My charger works properly.

Two main problem with the Gem are no speedometer reading and Secondary problem is my lights for lincense plate and reverse have been cut. Can some one check the color of these wires?

I have a yellow and a purple wire in the battery compartment unused. I have a grey and a black wire coming from the license plate and reverse lights.

Thanks for the help