Zivan Charger Error

My Zivan NG1 charger in my 2002 Gem car seems to have quit. This is the charger that I bought from Gwest after it was repaired by Electric Conversions. It has been working fine for a couple of months, until now…

I left the charger plugged in for a couple of weeks without driving the car. Overnight the charger started beeping a two tone error message. I unplugged the charger, waited a little while, and plugged it back in. I now get the tones like it normally made before starting the charge cycle, the light on the control pod goes through red, yellow, and green once then flashes green. There is no further audible warnings and the fan does not turn on like the batteries are being charged. Anyone have an idea of what is wrong?


Are the batteries fully charged?

The dash display shows the batteries are at 85%.