Beeping and won't charge

I have a 2003 GEM. I was gone for 18 days and the car was not on the charger. When I plugged it in, it started beeping and would not take a charge. I have gel batteries. What’s happening?

Your 2003 should use a Zivan NG1, an Italian made charger. Overall, these are reliable units. We need to find out what error code is being displayed by the charger. There is an LED on the display panel that indicates battery status. This is the same LED that turns green when the battery is fully charged. When you hear the audible alarm, this LED will be flashing. Remember the color combination and compare this with the following list.

This is one of my older posts and lists all the Zivan charger error codes.


Sorry to bring up this old thread guys my name is Scotty, I just picked up this 2003 GEM cart for the wife. The P.O. said they didn’t plug it in for a few months, and then when they did the car just beeps. I check this and there are no signs of charge and or power coming from the cart. In the past I owned a Club Car, and when the batt’s were completely discharged the charger would not recognize the batteries, is that what I’m dealing with here?


There is a color being displayed while the charger beeps. This will indicate the trouble.
A list of error codes can be found here:

I have a 2003 gem it has a zivan ng1 charger but it does not have lights on it when I plug it in all it does is beep continuously I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do next any info would be appreciated thank you