Just bought a 2002 E4 GEM car and went to charge it for the first time. It beeped with an alarm. Been checking around websites, but cant find out why its doing this.

I take it you have a Zivan Charger. (The black looking box) the alarm or beeps are a code that tells you what’s wrong. Can you tell us what the series of beeps are. Is it somthing like this?

Beep Beep beeeep be beeeeep BEEp Beep

LoL j/k

Call Elcon in Sacramento they repair the Zivans

When I got my 2002, guy got it from a guy who got it from his recently passed relative. Neither had any idea and treated it like a golf cart. Didn’t have the Zivan charger set for the cheap batteries he put in so it beeped and wouldn’t charge.

Check what the charger is set at, mine was set to gel I believe but they were replaced with us battery deep cycle. Soon as I adjusted the charger beeping stopped and charges fine now.


Thanks, I figured out what it was. The battery switch needs to be ON. duh! I do have a code error though. I’ll check around, but is there a website for what these mean?

there is a list of error codes in these forums somewhere. try a few searches and ask back if you can’t find them. I probably copy/pasted them locally so can dig those up and repost if I did.