Reprogrammed for gel batteries, variety of beeps now occur

I have a 2000 GEM car with brand new gel batteries. I have a Zivan NG-1 charger, which I set to setting “C” for gel batteries as instructed to do by a ZIVAN rep.
Shortly after I had the batteries installed with the new charger configuration, my charger would randomly give me a high/low beep after plugging in the charger for about 15 seconds. I would unplug the charger, re-plug it back in and it would fully charge the batteries as normal.
Yesterday, I got home from a ride and went to plug my charger in and the high/low beeping started immediately. I unplugged, re-plugged multiple times and could not get it to stop.
This morning, I plugged in the charger and I could hear the fan start up, then one beep and I would hear the fan cut out, then start up again, one beep and the fan would cut out again, repeat. The cycle went on many times before I unplugged the charger.
I just went to plug the charger back in and immediately it started with the high/low beeps.
I have the error chart and the light/beep chart, but I don’t know what most of the error messages mean because I am not a mechanic and know very little about chargers and batteries.
I am wondering if I need to send my charger in to ZIVAN, purchase a new one, or is there something I can do to reset the charger? If I have to take the charger out, it is difficult for a total novice?
I am dead in the water and so bummed.
Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

The audible alarm is only part of the code. What color is the LED on the column (above the spedometer) when the audible alarm is sounding?

The light flashes red. I think I have it figured out. I think it was a wire with a bad connection. I was just about to take the charger out and send it back to ZIVAN, when I noticed a loose connection. I decided to plug the charger
in and lo and behold, it started working properly! I messed around with the wire a bit and when it moves, the error beep comes back, but when stabilized, it seems to charge just fine. I have reinforced it with some electrical tape and see how that works.
If something else crops up and it starts beeping again, I will send it back to ZIVAN as they instructed. I was really hoping not to have to do that.

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