Green charging light doesn't illuminate anymore

Hi All,

For both of my 2002 E825’s, the green charging light doesn’t illuminate when charging anymore. However, it still charges and makes a clicking sound under the dash when plugged in.

Any idea how to replace the charging indicator light for convenience?

Thank you.

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Being LED based, those things normally don’t just go out from normal use.

I’d check the round 5-pin DIN plug that is jacked in to the top of your charger (assuming you have a Zivan Charger).

Weird that you now have two cars with the same issue.
Possible causes include-

  • Recent clumsy mechanic work under the dash?
  • EMP?- But you would have bigger issues to worry about. (dizzyness, hair falling out)
  • Rodents? - Inspect wiring and the surrounding area for visual clues. I hear some of the insulation can be quite tasty.
  • LED Not Found - 404 error. Did someone think it was a button, get pressed, and fall inside your dash pod?

Both carts were purchased that way. I’ll look into seeing if the connections became loose.

Any chance those tiny bulbs can go out?

There is a chance the chargers have been upgraded to something else before you got them. Most aftermarket chargers do not have a remote LED option or someone may not have hooked it up. Take a look and see what you have under the dash.

From the factory the 02 cars usually had Zivan chargers. It is a black plastic box mounted in the middle of the dash right under the windshield.

A popular choice for replacement is the DQ Charger which looks like a yellow box with black fins on the sides.

Does your car have the ability to drive when it is plugged in and charging?

For my first cart that has a Delta Q Charger, that is correct. I can drive when it is charging.

For my second 2002, I have not looked under the dash yet.

The din plug on the zivan NG1 connects both the tri color led and the temp sensor that is supposed to be stuck to battery 1. It’s not uncommon for the sensors to go bad, and when that happens, the final stage of the charge gets all wonky. The quick fix is just unplug the din so the charger will just run the full charge program. Rather than trying to stop early based on data from a malfunctioning sensor.

Do they sell replacements?

It’s just a simple $5 thermistor in a plastic housing. You can get the part from digi-key or mosler and solder it in then waterproof it

Or cut it out, as the charger doesn’t need it then just plug the din back in so the led works.

Beauty, I’ll have to check out the wiring later this week to verify what the din plug looks like.

I’d fixed mine when I drove on a rainy day and then my charger went wonky it was the batter temp sensor got wet. I replaced the temp chip but it ended up the little capacitor had shorted out and once I replaced the little cap with one from a junk board it all worked again.

My thread: Just purchased 2002 e825-4 where to start rejuvenation? - #32 by dougl

@jrjava @dougl
Thanks for jumping in with the help, but you do realize this thread is not about a temp sensor issue?


This would also cause the led to stop functioning since they are on the same plug.

Oh, I thought there was talk about the charge plug being pulled because the temp sensor failed. When my sensor failed my charger wouldn’t charge, it would if I pulled the plug until I fixed the battery temp sensor.

If that’s not the direction, ‘never mind’.