2002 GEM Will not charge after replacing batteries.

Hi all

New to the forum. Just bought a 2002 gem e825. after getting it home I realized the batteries were mixed and matched. As a former RV’r I know that your not supposed to do that. They were draining awfully quickly also. they were a group 31 deep cycle napa crappa batteries with vastly different date codes. I did a little research and came to the conclusion that a trojan 30xhs were the correct batteries for the cart. After Replacing them the cart came to life. It felt great but upon plugging in for the first charge i get a red/green blinking light with a two tone audible beep. I’ve triple checked all the connections, measured the battery voltage on the outside chance that I got a bad Trojan Battery, and double checked that the f setting is what is on the zihan charger. I don’t know what else to do at this point. I am charging each battery individually at the moment but know that this is not a solution.

Nice job troubleshooting most of it. AT this point, you might be dealing with a fried charger. One thing you can check is pull the DIN-5 plug on top of the Zivan. Sometimes the temp sensor goes out and that can send the charger haywire. You do not need the temp sensor to charge the batteries. If that doesn’t do any good, then the charger is probably fracked.

I think I might have a spare zivan NG1 in the garage that will drop in or you can contact @LithiumGods to see if he has any deltaQ chargers available. A DQ might require relocation, but thats easy,

What makes you think the F setting is the one you need?
Is there a label on the front of the charger with that setting listed?
Just for fun, try another setting to see if the charger acts the same on another profile.

“F” is typically one of the two flooded battery settings often listed as “trojan”. Some chargers have two settings, a medium charge rate and a mega-whopper charge rate.

If you don’t have trojan batteries and you use the mega-whopper rate, may god have mercy on your batteries… They won’t sulfide, but they might melt…

Ok, slight exaggeration, but it’s a high amperage rate. In fact, it wasn’t brutal or fast enough when it was first released, enough so that Trojan engineers had Zivan / GEM make it deliver more amps…