Quick Charger questions

I think my Delta Q, in my 2007 Gem e4 is shot. It flashes 6 red light and even though it isn’t plugged in, the Gem thinks it’s still charging. I have read through the forum and it still not clear to me. So here are my questions…If I get the Quick Charger SCO7210, will the battery display work? Will I have to keep the Delta Q connected, even if it is hosed?

BTW - I have new Deka 8G31’s and they all tested ok.

Keith H.

Check for 72v on the green wire from charger.
If no 72v it may be repairable. Internal fault error can mean the green wire is not telling the Gem that ac power is disconnected.
To run car, connect the wire that is connect to the green to +72v thru a fuse.

I’m about 50% on DQ repair. No charge If I can’t fix it.

Thanks. I’ll check tonight.

Green was 72v when I tested it. I have not tried jumping the green wire yet.

No need, car should run that way. Unless there are problems on the circuit that green feeds. Disconnected somewhere?