New Owner, Two Problems 2010 e4

Just bought a 2010 e4 and having a few problems. First, I put in new AGM batteries and am trying to change the profile on the Delta Q charger. I disconnected the positive terminal and followed the instructions. I simply can’t get the unit to cycle through the algorithms, and the battery sparks when cycling power. Any hints?

Second, all of the indicators on the dash blink and there is no speed readout. The car drives fine, but the BDI display is simply going bonkers. I read that I should clean connections and did that tonight, but didn’t see any change in operation. Any pointers? Also, can you use the breaker in the fuse panel to disconnect the battery power as an alternative? It seems to have the same effect.

I have a few more things to fix before getting it registered. Would love some help solving these two issues.

I managed to set it to 32… we’ll see how it goes.

Still getting error at the end of the charging cycle, 2 red flashes. Should I try 13?