Delta Q charger error code

just updated to trojan gel batteries Have a delta Q charger/ charger seems to que up properly and starts charging new batteries/ get solid light for AC on/ can view Ammeter status /after apx 30 minutes i get error code of 2 red flashes. It seems that batteries are charged by then as the 100% charge light is flashing green.

would there be a scenerio that batteries are 100% charged and then the fault is tripped or is this just a fluke? the reason i mention this is i drove cart for a period of time, it took an hour or so after charging for error code to happen.

have no clue if this error code came up before change of batteries
service person states he changed algorythm

I don’t understand algrorythems and probably don’t spell or pronounce it right either but it’s been my experience and expence that the Delta Q realy likes only the Deka Gel batteries… that said have you checked all your cables on the batteries making sure that they are tight and are pos to neg… I find that if I unplug my car and don’t wait a full minute before pluging it back in I get the red flashes…


Attached is GEM’s troubleshooting guide for the 72 volt Delta-q charger.


I even purchased the power stabilizer. No luck.
Replaced batteries with brand new DEKA GEL batteries. Same issue.
GEM had the same batteries originally. Charging Algorithm is 14 ( for Deka gel). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

These chargers have issues. Our 2005 GEM had its charger replaced with a Quick Charge. Another 2005 that I work on is now on its third Delta Q charger. Unlike Zivan and Quick Charge, the Delta Q is not considered repairable. My suggestion is to test by substituting another Delta Q unit or replace it with a different charger. Ride For Fun has sold hundreds of replacement chargers that are made by Quick Charge.


Polaris has changed the Algorithms, # 14 is correct for gel batteries, the next one if you use the tap method to change them is # 15 which is for pack recovery…#13 is for flood acid batteries. I have not idea what the others are as the “tech support” at GEM is useless.

haven’t tried GEM tech support… called Delta Q once when I was fighting the AGMs I put in my car… the guy there said ‘call JIM’… I said Jim who? ‘JIM…JIM the dealer’ oh duh… of course I drive a JIM car… went back to Deka batteries have had no problems with the charger… batteries or JIM car


Hi, did you ever come up with an answer on this? We have the same issue. Thank you.