Charging Error with Delta Q

Hello All,
I have a 2009 Gem e6. I replaced the batteries about a year ago and everything worked fine. It had nine 8 volt Trojan batteries in it and so I replaced them with nine T-875 Trojan 8v batteries.

Over this past summer we didn’t get to use it as much as we had hoped and the water in the batteries got low. Some were just a little low and others were quite low. Anyway, we refilled the batteries with distilled water and put the cart on the charger. Unfortunately, the charger is erroring out before it starts the charge. The cart will drive but since the batteries are a bit low it’s not moving too fast.

The error that I’m getting is two flashes which according to the manual means “Battery voltage out of range: the battery voltage is too high or low to allow charging to proceed.” I tested the voltage under the dash (at the contactor, I think) and it is reading 72.9 volts with the main switch off and the charger unplugged from the wall. I’ve tested each battery individually with the main switch off, but with all of the cables still hooked up and get approximately 8.1 volts on each battery.

The charging profile is flashing 24 which according to the manual is “GEM DEKA High Capacity Gel dv/dt” but I don’t have gel batteries in it and I’m wondering if this might be an issue. However, the batteries that came in it when I bought it (used) were also not gel batteries and this charging profile evidently worked good enough for them.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can try to get the charger to start charging again? Thanks!

The deltaQ chargers wont start a charge cycle if the battery is discharged past a certain point. 8.1v is less than 50% charge. A fully charged 8v battery will read about 8.5v. You are going to have to manually charge each battery with a stand alone charger.

Gel algorithm is most definately the wrong charge profile for your type of batteries. It wont go to full voltage for the flooded batteries. This will eventually kill the batteries. You need to be on profile 1 for the Trojan flooded lead acid.

Leaving lead acid batteries with partial charges and low water can damage them. Once you have run through a few cycles of use and properly charging them fully you can check if you lost any.

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