Delta Q charger problem

Getting a low voltage 2 flash from my Delta Q charger, it cycles on the flash bar when first plugged in then the 100 and 80% bars flash 6 rapid flashes with a pause then 6 more rapid flashes during this time the charge bar drops to 12, and blinks 11 times, then the red fault blinks twice then pauses and blinks twice again and continues until it’s unplugged.

Tested battery voltage, with five batteries reading 12.60 volts and one reading 12.47 volts. All six give a reading of 75.8 volts. Batteries are Deka 8G31 gels.

Checked battery connections and re-torqued to factory spec.

Also just completed some slight controller changes. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

***** Went back and disconnected the charger from the batteries, then reconnected them, so far so good it went back to proper function.******** Thanks