Delta-Q QuiQ 912-7200-02

I have a 2003 GEM with DEKA AGM batteries and the Delta-Q charger. The problem I am encountering is that the car sometimes just doesn’t charge and other times charges normal to quickly. That being said, I plugged the car in today and saw that it charged (I had a VOM across one battery) for about 7 minutes in the garage and then there was a quick ramp up in voltage and the charger tripped, displaying two red lights. The algorithm was set to 32 for he DEKA AGM batteries. Is this the end of my charger? Is there something that be done to get it back to working properly? The car is clean and garage kept but it has recently moved to the coast in Florida.

Two red lights means battery pack voltage to low to start charging - don’t know if that helps you.

Thanks, What I need is a test jack to read the controller voltage without taking the dash apart. THE INDIVIDUAL BATTERY READ 16.25 Vdc when it quit charging and the two lights came on.

You can test at pin1 on the controller to ground to get pack voltage at the controller

Seems more like high voltage. Bad connection or high resistance battery.

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Is your charging cord capable of carrying enough amps? Does it get hot when you are using it? Same for the wall plug and circuit breaker.

I have changed out the cord to no avail, Is it possible that this is the wrong algorithm? I’m in the process of trying to shift it back to the default (14) to see if that changes things but I’m having a hard time changing the algorithm.

14 is a gel setting you don’t want to do that. This setting will ruin your AGM batteries in 6 months 32 should work with your AGM’s if not try 13 this has been successful with AGM’s where a specific setting is not available.

1 Clean and tighten ALL battery connections. Check each battery voltage individually If you have a Dud replace it

2 If all batteries are close make sure pack voltage is at least 68 volts.

3 Plug in charger

This procedure has worked well for a lot of us. Especially on carts where charger is upside down underneath the hood.

To prepare to change the algorithm on a Delta Q on most GEM cars you will need 2 pieces of insulated electrical wire about 6 feet long connected to a momentary pushbutton switch.
The reason for this is that you will be flat on your back where you can see the indicator lights on the DQ while changing the setting.
Let’s get started.
Shut the main switch off.
Disconnect the red wire coming from the charger at the B+ (battery plus) post.
Connect one of your pushbutton wires to the post and position the other end under the cart in a comfortable position.
Connect the other wire to the charger red wire…
Turn on the main switch.
Get under the cart in a comfortable position where you can plug and unplug the charger.
Reach up and plug in the charger. The indicator will flash the current code for 11 seconds in yellow then time out and flash red.
Unplug the charger for 15+ seconds to let it reset.
Plug the charger in and push the button for a bit less than one second (count 1-1000) ¾ of a second is too short, more than a second is too long. If it continues to flash the algorithm for more than 11 seconds YOU’RE IN!!!. If it red lights, you have to start over.
When you’re in, you have 2 minutes to tap the button for a bit less than 4 secounds, count 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000, 4-unh. Under 3 seconds is too short, over 4 seconds is too long. If you got It. it will flash the new algorithm. If you red light, start over.
Repeat until you reach your desired algorithm. THEN
Hold the button down for 10 seconds, or until you hear the charger click indicating your new setting is stored.
Unplug the charger and shut off the main switch. Remove your setup wiring and connect the red charger wire to the post.

Thanks for the tip regarding a switch, I have tried it with the MDS and the Battery lead, both results in the charger going into a possible over voltage condition (two flashing red lights).
I have disconnected and inspected all of the battery terminal connections (looks new), all terminals are tight, and each battery voltage (unloaded) was good and the load test showed all batteries in the good range.
The Delta-Q is currently in algorithm 32 (I changed it about two weeks ago when I discovered it on 14. Since then the charger trips after just a few minutes of charging (everytime). I don’t know how or when the algorithm was changed as I received this car from family with the DEKA AGM batteries in it (dated 4/18). Somewhere in it’s trip to Florida the electrical system started acting up.

If it was on the gel setting since 2018 you could have a punk battery.Do a brake load test

1 connect your meter to a battery

2 hold the brake down hard

3 hit and hold the accelerator for 2 seconds

4 note the reading

5 repeat on the rest of the batteries

A bad battery will be obvious