Help with Delta Q Charger Question

I have a 2005 GEM with the Delta Q charger and brand new GEM factory gel batteries (I got 13-years and over 9,000 miles on the last set),
When I power it up it goes thru the self check and then after a few seconds the lower bar (the I on the amp meter) flashes and the charger amperage drops to .2 amps on the external meter I have it plugged into. The charger codes state this happens when the charger is overheated but it’s not hot at all. Checked the algorithm and it’s 14 which I think is the correct one.

Any Ideas, just a bad charger.

How many flashes?..

It flashed continually, the light is amber and it’s in the amp meter part of the display. Interesting I think I fixed it. I turned the master switch off while it was charging and the light continued to flash. I unplugged the charger and when I plugged it back in no lights, I unplugged it again, turned the master switch on and when I plugged it back in the charger fired up and went to max charge. I have a amp meter on the AC line and it shows almost 10 amps.
This morning the fault indicator was flashing red three time indicating a charger time out, unplugged it and when I plugged it back it it’s operating again. These are batteries so maybe that’s the problem.