Delta Q code 2 red flashes

After replacing my GE controller My Delta Q shows 2 red flashes and obviously does not charge. I have attempted to individually charge the batteries, I have checked the cables and wiring.

I have also reviewed the older posts without seeing a similar issue.

Any help will be appreciated.

Larry Ready

To what battery voltage levels did you charge each battery? A list of the 6 voltages would be helpful.

Also a good idea to list a year and model of your GEM.

Changing controller will not affect the charger unless forgetting to connect the charger black wire to B-.

Sorry, a 2008 Gem 4 seater. I might have stumbled on the problem. 5 batteries are at 12.5+ and 1 didn’t charge. The Deka batteries are 18 months old.

Would one bad battery explain my problem?

Sorry to be so basic.


So one battery is 0V? 12.55=62.5V and since that would look like 10.4V over 6 batteries to the charger it’s probably too low. From the docs I’ve seen though, they want to see a voltage of > 1.0V/cell and since a 12V battery has 6 cells, 66=36V so anything over 36V should seem enough to not get the low voltage/2 blink indicator. But I’m not well versed in DeltaQ so maybe someone who knows first hand what the DQ low voltage threshold is?

Hard to believe one battery is 0V though so what does “didn’t charge” mean?

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When you reinstalled the controller, did you hook up the small black wire coming from the charger to the Neg. terminal?

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Good question!..

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No. Now to find the black wire.


I found the black wire. To confirm, on the controller there are terminals marked A1, A2, F1, F2, Pos, Neg. The last two are next to the firewall. The black wire should be connected to the Neg terminal? Right?


Yes, As long as you are confident that you have the correct black wire.

  1. It has a big ring terminal that looks like it should go there
  2. If you follow it to it’s origin it will join up with a bundle of four other wires. (Red, Green, White, and this one being Black)

Thanks to inro, LithiumGod, and Assy Required.

My GEM is now charging and running great. This experience all started with a worn wheel bearing! Now with the motor rebuilt, a new Delta Q from LithiumGod, and a refurb controller, along with the wheel hub assembly; I’m now running as before.

2008 E4 with 7700 miles.

Again, thanks for helping me overcome my ignorance.



Make sure you have a 10k resister hooked up the the green ground wire.