Another code 2 (overcharge) error on Delta Q charger 2009 GEM

Hello all, a while ago we explained that we had a 2009 GEM with new gel batteries, the standard Gel battery algorithm (#14) that it came with and that it kept flashing error code 2 on the original standard Delta Q charger. We learned that the error code was not “under voltage” in this case it was actually “over voltage”. Apparently the code works both ways. Never had under voltage issue, for sure. Range was suspect on the new batteries though. We replaced both the batteries (switched to AGM with a different algorithm) and a new Delta Q charger as well. This resolved this, but now we have another 2009 here now with the exact same problem. Really don’t want to change batteries and charger again. Anybody have another idea or solution for this? Doesn’t make sense to get an overcharge error when the charger simply shouldn’t be overcharging it to begin with.

Here is an update: replaced the charge with a brand new Delta Q. Problem solved.