2007 GEM E4 new batteries charging issue

I just replaced all 6 of my existing NAPA #8272 gel batteries (5-years-old, 8K miles on that set) with the same NAPA #8272 gel about April 15, 2021, 4 weeks ago. My Delta-q charger was rebuilt by FSIP about 18 months ago with no issues following the rebuild (gel charge Algorithm #14), recently my batteries finally aged (5 years old) to to point of needing replacement, 4 weeks ago, they would only get me about 8-10 miles and the battery voltage would drop dramatically to 65 volts and go to turtle. This new set is my 3rd new set in 10 years 18,000 miles total. My car is driven 4-6 days a week and 8-14 miles a day, I have owned it since 2008 when it had 700 miles on it.
Now to my current issue, with my new batteries NAPA #8272 gel, my car runs great (typically I drive 8-14 miles +/-, use 4-5 bars, and have 76.5 volts +/- parked when finished. However, the charger (Delta-q) (still Algorithm #14) will most often report a 2 blink error code (battery voltage out of range) after charging for 4-6 hours (dependant on the state of discharge). My voltage at that point after charging and reporting 2 blink error is always between 79.8 - 81.0 volts (I have a digital voltmeter mounted in the dash). This error code reporting is a little intermittent. As I keep a log on the daily conditions I can say that the batteries will have a 79.8 + (as high as 81) volts finish charge and report the error, if the finish charge is at or less than 79.8 volts then I do not get the error code but there have been a couple of times I did not get the error code at 80-volts finish charge.
Does anyone think that the nice new fresh batteries are just “way wonderful” and will calm down after aging a bit!? I have NO operational issue just concern for the 2 blink error code.
Lastly, after driving on a fresh charge I easily run 10-15 miles and usually have 75-76 volts parked (stop/go traffic dependant), all voltage references are with the contactor engaged. At full charge, the batteries are balanced within 0.1 volts of each other, with each being 13.3 to 13.4 or at times 13.4 to 13.5 volts.
Thanks for spending time with me

while charging what are the battery voltage variances? I would look for a battery or two which are charging at a higher voltage and mention this to NAPA if there’s anything unusual.

If nothing seen on the battery voltages as unusual while charging then maybe something with the charger rebuild was adjusted too tight(peak voltage setting) and an email to FSIP might be in order.

I think your charger is starting to malfunction. With the new batteries having much larger capacity and therefore charging longer, your charger maybe getting hotter and throwing the code. trying charging them when they are down one or two bars and see if it throws the code. Also is it doing the balance charge where it goes to 96v ?

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AssyRequired, Yes Thank you, as I posted “However, the charger (Delta-q) (still Algorithm #14) will most often report a 2 blink error code (battery voltage out of range) after charging for 4-6 hours (dependant on the state of discharge).” Thank you for your thought

LithiumGods, Thank you, I have a fan on my charger actually 2 fans, one direct at the charger (small 2" square unit and a 20" box fan under the chassis to cool the charger and the down stream batteries. Yes it throws the code @ 2 bars down and @ 4 bars down. I need to take it to 6+ bars down and evaluate that condition. Darn thing runs great!

You should not have to put fans on it. They have internal sensors if they get hot they slow the charge rate down. I live in a very warm climate and it charges Lithium, so once in a while it will flash and slow down. But never a code. The factory #14 setting does a balance charge that takes each battery to 16v to balance, and i believe, disulfate. I had a set go 7 years and 13,000 miles. These charges are really good.