Possible project and question

Hey all, I have a project in mind, I might be aquiring a cushman electric vehicle, my plan is to convert this into a front mount mower with a 4 or 5 foot deck. I plan to have 2 battery packs, 1 pack for traction and the other to run the implement. My concern is most of the time the machine will be traveling at less than top speeds, could this cause the motor to overheat? It sounds like the control system is a resistor type. Opinions?

I guess I’ll give it a try in stock form and find out. If I remember correctly the axle is belt driven on this model so a pulley change could be done if necessary, just thought someone could give some insight before hand? Maybe the entire system is to light for the application? Anyone have an opinion on the entire project? It looks like you guys are into cars and bikes so this maybe out of the norm.