New guy here from Indiana

Hey guys, I’ve been browsing on here for almost a week. I’ll continue to browse and I’ll surely have questions if you guys don’t mind.

For about a year my dad and I have been kicking the EV conversion thing around. He’s a retired plumber and I’ve been a pipefitter for 10 years. We’re mostly doing this for fun but it would be really nice to say “no thanks” to $4.00 a gallon.

This weekend we may buy a Geo Metro that doesn’t run but has a good body. Good right? :slight_smile: We’ve been thinking about a kit for this time around. The 72V kits are cheap but are they ok for a Metro? My dad will do most of the driving. He works part time at Tractor Supply Co… He won’t need to go any faster than 45 mph and needs about 45 miles range. If anyone has any suggestions I’m all eyes! Meanwhile I’ll be reading and researching! Thanks!