95 Jeep YJ Conversion

I have on old 95 Jeep YJ in my garage that I am thinking of doing a conversion. I think it would be neat to have an off roading EV vehicle… :smiley: I am just looking into ideas… I am thinking of having it weighed first to get an idea of what size motor I would need and then figure out mounting and transmission adapter… I know this will end up being a 2 year project if I decide to go threw it… What do you guys think of this idea?


I think you’re going to spend a LOT of money…

But what the heck - we’ll help you spend it! :slight_smile:

I think that I could help you if you need some advice, but I’ve seen some of big foot’s posts. And i know there as good as any. I would recomend that you use a 72v system if you want to go about 50-55 mph. If you want to get more preformace than that I would go all the way to 144v.

I am gunna be doing this conversion but on a CJ. This will be a RWD rig.

There is a guy that makes figerglass bodies, and another that makes aluminum bodies (Aqualu Industries in Kelowna BC).