No transmission drive

Since im converting a 97 eclipse with a auto trans im thinking that i wil just eliminate the trans all together. Im thinking a 89-96 yamaha big bear/ kodiak front gearcase with 2 custom CV axles. These gearcases are cheap, strong and plentiful. if I direct drive this case with a DC motor i feel this should work.

I don’t know how to hook up the transmission, but I think that you want to run a 72v system (for a cheap convertion). If you have allot of hills in your area, then you may want to go for someting higher (96v, 120v, 144v). The higher the voltage the better the preformace, and the higher the price. But with a farlly light car six 12v batteries in series would work for your power supply. If you can tell me more about the cars wieght (approx.), and its shape. Then I can help you calculate what It would take to get the preformace you want.

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Hope this helps

There is a series of videos on youtube of a man in New Zealand converting a car to all electric. The Eclipse is a much nicer donor car than the Tredia, interestingly they are both made by Mitsubishi. I can’t easily locate the GVW of the Tredia but the Eclipse is 2767 lbs.

I feel watching video of a conversion is the best way to get a feel for what is involved (other than doing one). You can get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t and why.

Here is a link to his first video, I think there are 20 videos plus a bonus vid.

where I live it is flat other tha 2 railroad crossings 3 feet tall.