Budget ev conversion

I know, you guys have probably heard it a hundred times, but I want to convert my car, and I would like to keep it cheap.
I have a 1998 corolla with a 4 speed automatic transmission, and an engine whose days are numbered. I would like to drop an electric motor into the car. To begin, I would like top put a stock 5 speed transmission in the car. I have a local junkyard where I can get one for ~$200 and I could probably sell the automatic transmission out of my car for the same. I can also sell off my catylitic converter for ~$50. From here, im a bit lost. I can buy a motor, charger, inverter, controller, and batteries and piece it together, but that gets pricy quick. I’ve been looking into the nissan leaf as a possible swap car. There are many 2011-2013 leaf’s on copart going for roughly $1500-$1700. This would supply me with everything I need to get my corolla running under electric power (theoretically)
My question is, what do I need to do to get the leaf drivetrain adapted to my 5 speed transmission (I’m not using the leaf transmission) and get it moving under its own power in my car? Would I be able to just use the leaf controller/inverter/batteries in my car? Or would I be better off finding an open source controller, and sourcing my own charger.
Here is the other thing, I would really like to be able to go ~135 miles (highway) on a single charge. I think that this may be attainable with the light corolla body and the 5 speed overdrive transmission. I would like this specific range because the route to the college I attend has a 130 mile gap in the charger network.
Now, all of that said, am I crazy and overambitious? I have access to just about any tools I need, and I know the guy that runs the local junkyard. I have access to a welder, and some friends that know how to weld a lot better than I do. Is it possible to do this for under $2500?

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Sorry, not likely. That will not even buy a 100 mile battery.
Adapting the drive train is trivial compared to the wiring issues. Imo.
Buy a leaf or prius and drive it.