Which do you think is best to convert?

Hello everyone,
I am seriously thinking of converting a car instead of waiting for my dream EV to be produced. I have a few cars that I would ideally like to convert, which include the Yaris, 2002 Pruis, 2002-5 Civic, or a Smart. I am also open to other cars, but I would like it to have a hint of femininity, preferably not a Buick or anything. I picked these cars because I feel like they would all work well with weight and size. Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Thats great … All the best

How about an older Mazda Miata? It is the ultimate “Chick” car.

Well ignoring the smart which i wont touch on the Yaris has a very light frame so as long as you like that guinea pig style its a decent choice. It’s also a hatch which provides a convenient spot for a battery stack (with upgraded suspension). On the other hand to my knowledge the prius can simply be unlocked (without hardware mods?) as it already has batteries motor ect.

the Best way to go is find a older car youd like and convert it,
why buy a hybrid with electric and gas motor
only to throw more money at it to convert it?

a vw cabriolet is a chick car(search for voltsrabbit), and many have done conversions for them so its not unknown territory .

again you can probably find a free or extremely cheap car and convert it for thousands less than the cost of buying

almost new +electric parts vs free/cheap car + electric parts

these cabriolet are good examples of ev worthy cars :

volskwagen cabriolet

before considering a car for being an ev, think about…

#1 priority

Or a miata which is much nicer. And i would say the number one priority before dropping $12000 into a conversion is style. If you dont like the car dont waste your money, because you will only end up unhappy. Obviously dont convert your escalade, but there is a lot of options available within a reasonable weight class.

I prefered the Saturn coupe for style and drivability. Find the style of car you want and convert it. My personal choice is the Saturn Sky. But it is much to expensive for me at the moment. Another possibility I looked into is the Fiero lots of space for compoments in the front and back once the engine is removed and the not so great brakes could be improved with slotted drilled rotors and ceramic pads.

Thanks for the help everyone! I still haven’t made up my mind on what to do… I keep hoping for the Th!nk to get over here :frowning: I want something small and light but have enough room for the batteries, but yet I want it to be a car that I like and can drive for the rest of my life. I will continue my search…

We have converted a couple of vehicles based on the Echo and it works very well.
One was a 2000 Echo sedan and one was a 2001 Scion XB.
The Echo was a 96 volt DC system with 8 volt golf cart batteires. The customer only wanted 15 miles range and this system worked well.
The Scion was a 144 volt system with a Azure AC24 and 160 ahr Thunder sky cells. This is a nice car with over 50 miles range.
Also just finished a 1998 Geo with a HPGC AC31 system and 90 ahr TS cells. It is locked in second gear and tops out at 52 mph.
Have a Neon in the shop right now with a 168 volt system using a Zilla and 90 ahr cells. Has a range of about 40 miles but loots of fun. :slight_smile:
My next “family” car is a 01 Prius that I got for $800. Its getting the HPGC AC50 system and 200 ahr TS cells.

No Matter what car you chose be sure you can get an off the shelf adapter for it so you don’t have to wait for an expensive custom unit to be built.
Kits and Components

I am currently converting a 1996 SW2 144vdc All the components will transfer from my SC Conversion.

You might check out the EV Album to browse cars that have been converted successfully and see what you like: EV Photo Album: Our Electric Cars on the Web. I personally like the 914 because of all the free space created by the removal of the gas engine: Electrifying a Porsche 914