Simple EV conversion (senior design project)

I am looking to do a simple (or as simple as possible) conversion for a old jeep wrangler. This would count as my senior project to complete my mechanical engineering degree.
Ive been searching around, but most information is for a complicated system. I am looking for something that would be just a motor(ac), battery set, controller, and throttle. I have the ability to machine custom parts if needed.
What would be the bare minimum components i would need to convert the car? And what would be some reccomended models. It does not need to be street legal, just to show a point. I would also love it to have enough power to do some basic offroading, i could use the low gear transfer case in the jeep.

Are there any companies that are generous with donations for education?

Thank you.

Are there any companies that are generous with donations for education?


9" forklift motor
minimum of 72 volts of deep cycle golf cart batteries. Not marine batteries.
72 volt 400 amp controller. I recommend more amperage for the controller but for your low budget project the low end will do.
cable for batteries and motor.

You wont have much distance but it will go. It will basically be a heavy golf cart. I’d go with a low budget VW conversion. You will get more speed and you can have a streetable vehicle after your done. If you can go with 96 volts. If not 72 volts bare minimum. You will want retain your stock clutch because of low voltage and you will need the help of all your gearing. You will be doing lots of clutching. Keep the clutch. Even in your Jeep.

Pete :slight_smile: