Vw conversion

newbie post: I have a 48 volt club car for use around my small town and love the experience/silence/cost per mile. have the oppertunity to purchase a 72 (non running but excellent body) vw bug, for use in town and no more that 25-30 miles per day. Have looked on line and find a number suppliers of conversion kits. Would your members recomend ,from past experience, a reputable supplier for a kit? Or if it would be better to purchase individual components.

If you have never done a conversion your self I strongly recommend to get a kit with all the parts you would need for the conversion. This will save you time and headaches. It might not be shipper but it might save you lots of trouble. I have seen that EVA (Electric Vehicles of America) have good prices and they have the technical support to help you decide what kit you want based on your needs.

thanks lobogris looked at eva web site. seems they have credibility/techniclal expertise / and are baised in USA. sent e-mail asking for info on the vw kit they have. again thanks for quick reply.