Conversion kits. Who's used what?

Okay, so i’m doing a good deal of research, and am wanting to do an EV conversion on a Porsche 944 or 914. What kits if any have you/has one of your peers used that they’ve had successful results with - AND don’t have to buy too much extra stuff (besides batteries) after buying the kit?

I’ve looked at a few kits.

This one from KTA services is a little bit more expensive than others but is more complete IMO.

conversion kit #3 and #4 would do great in my situation - I THINK. Let me know if i’m wrong.

did you use a conversion kit? if so, what kit?

i am not too terribly concerned with the adapter plate - i’m going to build my own. but what ever can help me a long would be great. :smiley:

thanks for your help

those prices don’t look too bad .
how much do you think it would cost you for batteries ?

[QUOTE=machinist.212;3691]those prices don’t look too bad .
how much do you think it would cost you for batteries ?[/QUOTE]

depending on what batteries i go with, i’m hoping to stay under 2k with taxes/shipping/whateverotherfeestheywanttochargemewith

try this site!

or this one!

[QUOTE=ddoyel;3809]try this site!

or this one![/QUOTE]

So many options. I’m starting to price everything out on everyones kit because there have been some kits/packages that are WAY more expensive than the actual parts… So it’s a lot of work. :frowning:

Whos used what?

A kit or just buy every peice…

I’m going for the e-volks kit #3 for $4,795 and then 10-12 12V lead-acid batteries, the best I can find.

I’m also going to invest in some battery desulfators @ $25 a piece or less depending.

So overall, $7,045 not including the vehicle. Hope you have a better calculator than me.


I would go to EValbum and do a search for your car, then look at the specs for each car and even talk to some owners and find out what works good for your budget!

I just ordered all of my parts today. I researched each parts price seperately and determined that a few parts were over priced in my vendors “kit”. Because of this I split my system up across three vendors to get the best price(s). $5435 later my wallet is pretty sore, of course this does not enclude the batteries!

Hope fully parts will start arriving in a few weeks and I can begin installing into the BMW.

Ben in SC