Newbie Questions

So I want to do a conversion. Right now I’m reading Build your own EV by Leitman and Brant and surfing the net (how I got here).

Question #1: Is this book the right place to start; if not please provide other suggestions?

Question #2: If I need one, what’s a good reference book with the formulae and explanations of electricity (my last physics course was almost 30 years ago and those circuits in my cerebellum have died)?

Question #3: What qualifications does someone need to be able to successfully complete a conversion? I’m not an engineer (did major in math).

Background: Family watched who killed the EV? My 12 year old son is into science. My wife thinks she’s green (but can I get her to turn out lights!). So I said we should build an EV and they said yeah. So here I am. My minimum requirements will be that it needs to go and maintain 45 and get about 40 miles on a charge. I really need about 30, but want a margin of error.

Question #3/4: I’m going to need help. Is this a good forum to post questions on? I’d really like to get some incredibly patient enthusiastic encouraging mentor/sponsor. Are there any of those on this forum?

Money is not a big priority (but in this economy it’s a consideration). I’m mainly doing this to show it can be done and for the fun of working on it with my son.

I suspect this forum gets these newbie questions frequently. Thanks for bearing with me.

I’m an EV newbie myself, so I’m right there with you. But with performance requirements such as those, I’ve seen inexpensive kits that claim to be able to produce those specs. Check out this link:

This company offers 4 different kits that may be what the doctor ordered. And I’m sure the company will advise you on the best way to apply their kits. It might be worth a phone call…

If you decide to go with a kit, let me know how it works out.


You might look at “battery vehicle society” which comes from the UK; they have thoughtful replies. Also “EV photo album” which features pics & write-ups on over 2000 projects. Remember that it will not go as far as you thought, go slower than you thought and cost far more than you thought so don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Have fun and good luck.
Here is lots of informatation right here in this forum.
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Start with the sticky at the top of the page.:smiley: