Good manual/book for EV conversion

What are the recommended books or manuals for someone starting to learn about a conversion EV project? I have seen many manuals you can download on the web for $50, but I am not sure which ones would be the most beneficial to someone just getting started.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve downloaded almost all the down-loadable junk, and it is all junk. You get what you pay for.
For the real stuff, get it in print.
Bob Brant’s book about EVs is a good overview, but not very specific.
For something very specific, and a good overview/education search for the book about the Doran electric car.
I bought this manual years ago, and I still open it often and learn something new.

Brandts book is a great primer, and I think there is a ‘newer’ one available at, or from Gav in austrailia… most of the other hype online is junk.

Most of the best specific information I got was from the Forum at

There are a few good build sites out there where people took a lot of pix or try to make it a step-by-step documentary… like mine. :wink: Homepage -

I am new here and I really really want to make a conversion but where to start, I’m also looking for ebooks, I mean, isn’t that better? because what I’ve read is that you have further support via email, but, does it worth it? I want to buy here but, can anyone tell me if those ebooks are for real? does anyone know? Help us please.

Gavin Shoebridge’s e-book is very good. His web site is dreadful, but the book is really very good indeed. Here is the link: Electric Car Conversion Made Easy - Insider Secrets Revealed -