Electric huskee mower

Hey guys just join the sight i see lots of intresting building on here.
im going to start building a electric riding mower soon right now its got a 21 hp v twin engine on it wich im taking off cause later its going to be used for a backup charger for my house.
im putting in its place a hover round 24v dc geared motor which has more
than enough power to pull the huskee, that part will be the easiest to adapt.
the next thing im going to do is what evedently hasnt been tryed or not thought of is the blades i havent seen a electric rider that you can cut with,just ride isnt that useless thats like building a house to look at.
its a 48 inch deck 3 blades im thinking im going to order a 1500 watt or so 24-36 volt motor to run the blades but i really dont wont to put a chain on the towers cause if the blades hit somthing that i dont see theres no give so someone or something is in trouble but i will think about that in due time.
the batteries im going to use will be autozone deepcycle batteries you can get them for $40.00 and up i got enough room in front to parallel 2 sets of 24
for the drive motor to the mower.
it wont need them cause i used one of the motors on my kids gocart they rode 2 days without charging on a 2 acre lot including ridig in a dried up pond 15ft deep pulled like a diesel.
im thinking maybe wheel chair batteries for the deck i will mount them under the seat dont need but to 2 or 3 for 24-36v depending on what i order.
As far as control box there want be none on them im going to use a 24volt contacter to run them the drive motor will have a foot switch on it were i can control the go with it when the switch closes it will put 24v to the contactor it will close to make the drive motor start im still going to use the transmision and belt cause this is a staticdrive system so i will have reverse and high and low gear as well. and the deck motor drive will be the same way but on a switch cause the blades has to turn high rpm to cutt.
Anyway when im done with it then i will move to bigger projects.
o by the way im only cutting a acre of land thats why i should be able to use wheel chair batteries or smaller on deck.
ya keep testing your projects to make them better!!!