Need help with first Electric motor conversion (Lawnmower)

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forums and am looking for help with my first conversion. I have a 20" Mclane Reel mower that I pulled the old gas engine off and replaced with a 40v electric scooter motor. I have purchased multiple speed controllers to run this motor, however each controller has failed. Can anyone please direct me in the best option to make my setup compatible.

I am using a 80v 2.5 ah Kobalt Lith-Ion battery as my power source. I have disassembled an extra charging base that I am using as my battery holder. Below are links to the motor and controllers that I have purchased. Ultimately, I believe I will need to run this motor somewhere around 25% of power and I would like to be able to reverse the motor direction when needed to sharpen the blades.

This is the motor I purchased.

This was the first speed controller that stopped functioning.
7-80V PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Switch 30A,Motor Speed Control Regulator - -
:one: 7-80V PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Switch 30A,Motor Speed Control Regulator;PWM frequency: 12KHZ.

This is the second speed controller that started smoking.
tatoko DC Motor Speed Controller, Brush Motor Driver Controls Module DC 9V-60V 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V Motor Pulse Width Modulator Regulator 20A 1200W PWM Monitor Dimmer Governor - -
Parameters: motor speed controller input voltage range is 9-60V, output current range is 0-20A, continuous power is 1200W.